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From 0 to 23,000+ Followers in 4 Months

We grew a local wedding niche page @mzansi_weddings from zero to 23k (and counting) real followers in almost 5 months. We now want to help you achieve similar results, with the same strategies that we have used to gain real followers without bots, automation, powerlikes or dm groups.

Instagram keeps changing the algorithm, which makes it even harder to grow, as the strategies have to keep being refined. This page was started on January 21, and it continues to grow. We have even had a post that reached 17K likes with great amazing engagement, so we know our strategies work. If they work for us and some of other clients, we are sure that they will work for you.

We have never run paid advertising on the page since we started . . . nor did we use automation or bots. The page has grown organcally and it continues to grow today. This page on average gets 550 to 700 followers a day, all organically, thanks to proper hashtag research, being consistent and a few Instagram growth strategies that we have been using.

You can see the insane engagement rate for this page right here on

If you are looking to grow your Instagram following, increase engagement, connect with your audience and use the right hashtags for more reach, then get in contact with me at

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